Why Dreams Reflect Mental Health Problems | dampeninggel.info

We are making big mistakes in all ways, while we believe that our civilization is a thousand times more evolved than the previous ones. We still are violent underdeveloped primates.First of all, human beings don’t know how to cure a mental illness; either it is simple or complex.Mental illnesses cannot be cured based on the insufficient knowledge we have because they are generated by our satanic anti-conscience. The anti-conscience is a powerful demon with so much energy that it can also cause terrible accidents and other misfortunes in our daily lives, besides being able to destroy our conscience through absurd thoughts and unbearable symptoms.Dreams that reflect problems with your brain indicate that you have a severe mental illness. You must be serious and respect the divine guidance in your dreams in order to be cured. This is a very difficult matter.Dream therapy is like physiotherapy. Your own conscience must work and find solutions, even though you are guided by God. You have to become more intelligent and more sensitive thanks to the translation of the meaning of your dreams. In other words, you have to participate of your treatment and cooperate with your doctor in order to be cured.The dream messages reflect the truth about your mental condition and your life. If you are absurd, this means that you do crazy things.What happens in your life depends on what is happening in your brain.Your dreams help you prevent severe mental illnesses and tragic life situations. You have to be afraid of psychosis and schizophrenia because they are threatening you.Since your anti-conscience is schizophrenic and it occupies the biggest part of your brain, this means that you already are schizophrenic, but your tiny human conscience covers the absurd content of your brain.However, your anti-conscience tries to perforate the conscious cover all the time.You have to make many efforts in order to preserve your conscience and develop it, by obeying the diving guidance in your dreams. Otherwise, you will lose consciousness, even if only a small portion of your conscience will be destroyed.Everyone’s anti-conscience usually manages to destroy a big portion of their conscience during their lives, even when it doesn’t manage to completely destroy it. This means that many people who seem to be ‘normal’ have a partially destroyed conscience. You can be one of them.By translating the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method and obeying the divine guidance, you will recover your conscience, and eliminate your dangerous anti-conscience.However, you have to obey your doctor. You cannot be disobedient and indifferent if you want to acquire sound mental health. Your satanic anti-conscience must be eliminated through consciousness thanks to your cooperation.

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